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DEMCiflex computer and electronics dust filters will save you time and money by protecting all your electronic units from it's #1 enemy - dust.

Dust build up inside the case is by far the major cause of most electronic component's poor performance and ultimate failure as it inhibits the machine's ability to cool itself properly. Unfortunately this cannot be stopped because almost all computers and other electronics devices use air to cool the critical components and stop it from overheating. This cooling air is usually contaminated with dust, grime, insects and other particles that will find it's way into the case and start building up over time.

DEMCiflex Computer and Electronics Dust filters stops the build up of dust inside the case by fitting magnetically to the outside of your PC case and keeping dust from entering in the first place. This will maximize the unit's life span and optimize the performance because clean electronic components stay cooler, works better and lasts longer. DEMCiflex filters are easy to fit and clean, as the user needs no tools, screws or glue and there is a DEMCiflex Filter to fit and protect your computer equipment and all of your electronic units be it at home, office or workshop.

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