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Author: Samuel Wellerman

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To become the ultimate gamer, one must equip themselves with the best equipment. Whether you are traveling far and wide with your pc, or staying right at home, you need to be equipped with the best gaming gear for your obsession. When traveling you want to make sure your case is safe and secure, so make sure you look into our case straps, and if you need that added fuel to avoid jet lag consider our Energy Drinks . Once you get to your destination, you will need the best equipment to game on, such as gaming keyboards and gaming mice, for the best control, and headsets so you can game late into the night.

Case Straps

Lan Case Straps

When your traveling to your next competition make sure your case is wrapped up tight with a LAN party strap from Xoxide. They fit snugly around your case and use clips to securely fasten your case in the straps. Then you can swing the strap over your shoulder and carry your case comfortably and safely to your destination.

Pc Gaming Headphones

PC Gaming Headphones

When your gaming late into the night, and do not want to wake up your neighbors, consider a pair of gaming headphones. They are available in the usual 3.5mm jack and some also have USB connections for ultimate portability. Gaming headsets are perfect for reproducing surround sound quality sound from your pc. They will reproduce your DVD, MP3, and gaming audio in the same high fidelity you are used to with desktop speakers. Also most gaming headsets come with a built in microphone! Use the microphone for voice to text, online VOIP, or taunting your enemies in the latest online games.

Pc Gaming Keyboards

PC Gaming Keyboards

If you want to have the ultimate gaming equipment, you need a good keyboard. Gaming keyboards are specially suited for pc games, and have special buttons and triggers for your pc games. A major trend in keyboards today is backlit illumination and some of the latest gaming keyboards will feature a back light. If you're playing in the dark, this light will illuminate your keyboard so you can see exactly what keys you need to hit. One of the biggest names in the gaming keyboard business, Logitech, has just released what is being touted as the best pc gaming keyboard ever, the Logitech G15 (see above.) This keyboard not only has 18 customizable "G" keys for macros, those "G" keys each have 3 shift levels for a total of 54 possible macros. It also has a integrated LCD that can display everything from cpu temperature to amount of ammo left!

Pc Gaming Mice

PC Gaming Mice

Whether you are camping a tunnel in DE-Dust, or sniping from the top of a crane in Battlefield 2, you need a good gaming mouse to get the best accuracy in your games. We carry the best name brand gaming mice including Logitech, Razer, and Sunbeam mice. We have illuminated mice to light up your gaming at night, and mice with adjustable DPI so you can zero in on your kills. For more information, visit our comprehensive guide on "How to Buy a Gaming Mouse".

Pc Gaming Mousepads

PC Gaming Mouse Pads

Why spend so much on a gaming mouse if you aren't going to give it a good surface to move on. Consider a gaming mouse pad. Contrary to popular belief, there are many good reasons to get a gaming mouse pad. The typical cloth pads you get for a dime a dozen do not respond well with laser and optical mice. Their loose threads permit the laser, making for a much less accurate gaming surface. Instead, upgrade to a gaming mouse pad, most of which are tightly woven, or made of a steel or aluminum surface to ensure the best tracking for your mouse.


Jolt Gum

If you are intently focusing on your game, and do not have time to pickup a drink, or pop a mint, consider chewing on some caffeine gum. They will give you the caffeine fix you need without taking your attention away from the game. Just two pieces of this fabulous gum are equivalent to 1 cup of coffee! Talk about being wired! Plus the mint will keep your breath fresh when you are trying to score with that night elf. But when you finally can pick up some energy drinks, you want the most caffeine possible:

Caffeine Drinks

That's right, check out that caffeine content. Cocaine energy drink obviously tops all containing 3x more caffeine PER CAN than red bull! Its better than the real stuff! If you hate the taste of coffee consider starting your day off with a Jolt Cola. Each of these 16oz Jolt Cola's contain more caffeine than 2 cups of coffee They are available in Cherry, Lemon Lime, and Raspberry. Caffeine has had a long term relationship with gamers, and unlike that girl you picked up at that sleazy bar, you don't want it to leave in the morning. So when you wake up consider showering with caffeine soap, which will get you that caffeine high and wake your ass up much faster than a cup of coffee. Starbucks be damned, in this day of age stop drinking that motor oil they call coffee and get a new addiction to caffeine through some of our great tasting drinks.

Caffeinated Jolt Cola Caffeinated Soap

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