Buy A Hiper Power Supply... Xoxide & Hiper Donate $5.00 to Charity!

      News 3/29/06 - 206 Power Supplies have been sold! That puts our collective donation at $1030 - That's over our $1000 goal! We still have 2 days remaining, let's keep the donations coming!

News 3/13/06 - 82 Power Supplies have been sold. That puts our donation at $410. Only 17 days are left - let's try and get that number to $1000!

I don’t know about you, but we at Xoxide think that life threatening disease in kids, missing and abducted children, uncounseled troubled teens, and the such are just really super lame. That is why from March 1st - March 31st, 2006, Xoxide and Hiper have teamed up to donate $5.00 from every Hiper Power Supply purchase you make on to the Children’s Charities of America!

The Children's Charities of America represents several sub-organizations that specialize in providing food, shelter, clothing and education to children in need, domestic and international adoption services, counseling to troubled teens, medical care to children with life threatening illnesses, and recovery services for missing and abducted children.

Children's Charities of America works with 122 different child related charities (view them here) around the United States. CCOA brings much needed funds to these charities. In 2004 the CCOA was able to raise just under $9.4 million dollars to distribute to these smaller local charities that would never be able to raise this money alone.

Wow, what a great flipp’n reason to buy such a great power supply! Not only will you be receiving a European designed modular power supply capable of pushing out 580 watts of power, but you will also be receiving that warm fuzzy feeling in your body from helping us to accomplish something good in this world.

We've set our goals high, but we believe they can be achieved. We hope to raise at least $1,000 from this event to help children around the country. We know from the past that the members of the computer modding / overclocking community are good at heart. You've helped to donate over $800 to the American Cancer Society just a little over one year ago. This time let's make that number higher and really help out these less fortunate kids.

Children's Charities of America
21 Tamal Vista Boulevard
Suite 209
Corte Madera, CA 94925
Tel: 800.374.1578
Fax: 415.924.1379
Donate Online Here

Have a suggestion of a charity we should donate to in the future?

Send an email with your recommendations for deserving charities along with a reason why. We've done our research and feel that Children's Charities of America is a great charity. But if you know someone involved in a charity, or have good reason for us to donate another charity please pass this information on to us.

We've come to trust and they are a source of some of the information found here.