Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard for PC, Low Force Edition

 Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard for PC, Low Force Edition
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Product Description

Matias mechanical switches, designed and built after years of research, are the unique factor that makes Matias keyboards so well regarded. They are quieter than other mechanical keyboards, yet give superior tactility and performance. With the full key travel and tactile feedback, users avoid “bottoming-out” on their keystrokes, reducing the negative ergonomic effects of repeated jarring of hands and fingers. Purrfect for smooth input during gaming. Separationimproves upper body posture, and reduces ulnar deviation (elbows turned in towards center of body, and wrists turned outward at the keyboard). Compact designreduces reach to the mouse, reducing shoulder and neck strain. Superior padded palm supportreduces the risk of pain caused by wrist extension (when wrists drop to desktop as user types). Negative Tilt(4.5°) can be set for further improvement of wrist position.