PC Chop Shop Book Giveaway!

PC Chop Shop: Tricked Out Guide to PC Modding
By: David Groth, Forward by Gary Mullins (PimpRig.com), Powered by Xoxide.com

Do you rummage through the pages of Xoxide.com and wonder "How can I put this stuff together to pimp my PC?" Or, are you a l337 modder who's done so much to your system you keep asking yourself "What more can I do?" If either of these is true, PC Chop Shop: Tricked Out Guide to PC Modding is a perfect book for you. The book was put together by David Groth, a full time author with more than a dozen computer related books, with some help from our friend Gary Mullins over at Pimprig.com and some products and pictures provided by none other than us, Xoxide.com. The book includes tips and how-to on modding your PC for the first time, or the 50th. It also features a 16 page color insert with some of the sweetest custom mods in the community. Many have been featured on review sites and computer related TV shows such as TechTV...

And we're giving it away!
We have 10 books that we'd like to give away FREE to our loyal customers. The only thing you have to do is enter by sending us an email at bookgiveaway@xoxide.com containing your full name, full address, and return email address. The contest will end Monday December 6th and the 10 winners will be randomly drawn from our list of emails. Only one email per household may be entered in the contest, HOWEVER customers can get an extra chance to win the book by signing up for the same contest with our affiliate Pimprig.com.

So be sure to sign up today here at Xoxide.com and then head on over to Pimprig.com to sign up again! Best of luck to all, and remember, the book is on sale right here at Xoxide.com for $22.99 and is a great stocking stuffer for the modder in your life.