Watercool - HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 1366/2011 Ni-BL

Watercool - HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 1366/2011 Ni-BL
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Product Description

The HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 Ni-Bl sets new standards in performance, quality, and ease of mounting. This new high-end cooler was developed for current CPU generations.

The centralised inflow, combined with a jetplate and a very fine cooling structure, gives excellent cooling performance. The cooler's base plate adjusts geometrically to the CPU's heatspreader, resulting in optimal contact between CPU and cooler. Despite the fine structure, flow resistance is exceedingly small.

Its modular design allows both easy opening of the HEATKILLER® and adapting it to different mounting systems with little effort. Mounting plates and spare parts are separately available and guarantee yearlong operation.

The cooling structure is manufactured from pure copper, mounting plates and ornaments from black chromated stainless steel. The top is made from pure nickel plated copper.

  • Material: Electrolytic copper - nickel plated, stainless steel - chromated black
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 59 x 59 x 17.5 mm (block)
  • Weight: approx. 400 g
  • Pressure tested: 5 bar
  • Sealing: EPDM 75 (max. 150 °C)
  • Threads: G Ľ" (DIN ISO 228-1)
  • Compatible to: Socket 1366, socket 2011
  • 1x HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 1366/2011 Ni-Bl
  • 1x Installation material/manual