One Big Hunk'n Charity Check

Congratulations Xoxide Peoples!
You've aided in donating $1360.00 to Charity!

By buying a total of 222 Hiper Power Supplies in the month of March 2006, you have made it possible for $1360.00 to be donated to the Children's Charities of America!

Xoxide Inc. and Hiper Group agreed to send $5 to the charity for each power supply purchased in the month of March for a total of $1110.00. Not to be outdone by Xoxide and its customers bountiful generosity, the estimable souls at Hiper decided to kick in an additional $250 to the cause bringing the grand total to $1360.00. This fantastic amount of money will go toward fighting the atrocities of life threatening disease in kids, missing and abducted children, uncounseled troubled teens, and things and the such that are just really super lame. More info. Oh yeah, and check out the neato thank you letter we got here!

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Now we present to the Children’s Charities of America this really REALLY HUGE check, I mean this thing is enormous! It actually took three burly Xoxide employees to muster up the strength to carry this thing!

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Apparently the overbearing presence of such a HUGE check was more then they could take. The three unlucky Xoxide employees succumbed to…cHecK mADneSs….Brandon “Herman” Herman, Richy "Rydizzle" Rydesky lays it down, and Brick rocks out in ways only a man named Brick can rock out!

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