Nintendo Donkey Kong Jungle Juice Energy Drink

Nintendo Donkey Kong Jungle Juice Energy Drink
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Product Description

He throws a mean barrel, he's excellent with Conga drums, AND he drives a kart like nobody's business. He may be the original enemy of Super Mario (eat your heart out, Bowser), but Donkey Kong will be your best friend after you downed one of his delicious Jungle Juice energy drinks.

This highly caffeinated Nintendo energy drink packs a punch so strong, it will have you swinging off chandeliers, pounding on your chest, and throwing feces at strangers. OK, so maybe not that last one, but if you want to stimulate your next gaming experience with one of your favorite video game characters, then Nintendo Donkey Kong Jungle Juice Energy Drink is the way to go!

  • 8.4 FL OZ. (250ml)
Note to Consumers: Much like the popular Cocaine Energy Drink, Nintendo Donkey Kong Jungle Juice Energy Drink contains none of the ingredients you'd find in ACTUAL Jungle Juice (ie; Schnapps, Vodka, or Gin). So if you're expecting to get tanked with your favorite digital gorilla might want to bring along a few extra ingredients. And a banana. Donkey Kong loves bananas.

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