Just In Case...

January, 2011 - It’s been an exciting year for the computer modding scene with hundreds of new products released. So "just in case" you missed any, we're highlighting a few of our favorite new cases below along with some great mods to go with them or your own favorite case.

Danger Den Double Wide Acrylic Tower - 21 Black Series

First on the list, we’ve got the Double-Wide Tower 21 Black Series case by Danger Den! Featuring support for standard OR extended ATX motherboards, rounded edges to prevent any modding-related injuries, and a myriad of different radiator combinations up to two 3x120mm radiators plus a single 4x120mm, this beautiful acrylic masterpiece has ample cooling for whatever you wanna throw in it! With plenty of room for a dual-loop, you can toss a dual 5.25” bay split reservoir by XSPC in the open drive bays and show it all off with a couple of NZXT’s premium sleeved LED kits! Don’t forget the Feser One Corrosion Blocker additive to keep your loop in tip-top shape!





Recommended Mods for the Danger Den Double Wide Acrylic Tower - 21 Black Series case:

NZXT Premium Sleeved LED Kit (2 meter) - Blue
Our Price: $16.99
Feser One - Corrosion Blocker
Our Price: $8.99

Apevia X-Plorer2 Case - Black

Next up, we’ve got the new X-Plorer2 case by Apevia! As the successor to the original X-Plorer, this case has a 200mm LED fan attached to the extremely cool hexagonal side window, as well as two more 120mm fans and pre-drilled water cooling tube grommets in the back. Apevia was even nice enough to stick a temperature readout on the top of the sleek, futuristic-looking front bezel! Paired with the BlackWidow gaming keyboard by Razer and the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 mouse by Saitek, this case becomes the stuff of gaming legends! Add in a soundproofing kit from AcoustiPack for quiet operation, and let your skills make all the noise!









Recommended Mods for the Apevia X-Plorer2 Case:

AcoustiPack LITE PC Soundproofing Kit
Regular: $29.95
Sale Price: $26.95
Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Our Price: $79.99
Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse
Our Price: $99.99

Antec LanBoy Air Yellow Case

Finally, we have the Antec LanBoy Air case. Sporting a totally modular and customizable design, this perforated case is the pinnacle of cooling prowess! With support for up to FIFTEEN 120mm case fans, who needs water cooling? You may be thinking “I do, that’s who!” which is fine, because the LanBoy Air has pre-drilled tubing grommets and a top radiator fitting as well! The unparalleled AirMount HDD mounting system literally suspends your hard drives in mid-air, for maximum cooling and minimum vibration and noise. Since you've already got a great glow from your LED case fans, you definitely need to get a power supply that matches! The new Lazer series from Kingwin gives you plenty of juice along with stunning style! There's also plenty of room for some T.B. Apollish 120mm LED fans by Enermax, and AeroCool’s Strike-X touchscreen fan controller is the perfect thing to bring it all together!






Recommended Mods for the Antec LanBoy Air Yellow Case:

AeroCool Strike-X Touchscreen Dual-Bay Fan Controller
Our Price: $59.99
Kingwin LAZER Series 660W Modular Power Supply w/ Blue LEDs
Regular: $84.99
Sale Price: $79.99