Swiftech H20-220 Ultima XT+ Water Cooling Kit

Swiftech H20-220 Ultima XT+ Water Cooling Kit
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Product Description

Swiftech H20-220 Ultima XT+ Water Cooling Kit
The Swiftech H20-220 Ultima XT+ Water Cooling Kit is a complete system cooling solution which includes CPU, GPU, and Chipset water-blocks. The kit is a slight upgrade over the standard H20-220 Ultima, which covers CPU cooling only.

If the idea of having all of Swiftech's top performing water cooling components bundled together in one deluxe package sounds pretty good to you, then you'll definitely want to take advantage of the Swiftech H20-220 Ultima XT+ Water Cooling Kit.

Refusing to skimp on optimum performance, the H20-220 Ultima XT+ features what many modders consider to be the world's best water-block: the Apogee XT. Also included in the Kit is the recently released MCRES-Micro Revision 2, the MCW80 VGA Water Block, and the classic MCP655-B pump and MCR220 dual 120mm radiator. With this excellent collection of accessories, the Apex Ultima receives a quantum boost in both performance and versatility.

Due to the substantial cooling headroom afforded by this awe-inspiring combination of top performing components, the Swiftech H20-220 Ultima XT+ kit is sure to satisfy both extremes of the enthusiast market spectrum, including the hardcore overclockers in search of the lowest CPU temperatures, as well as the silent computer users who are simply looking for the lowest possible operating noise. As an added bonus, the noise/performance ratio of this versatile kit can be fine-tuned at the user's leisure.

Apex Ultima PLUS Kit Includes: Additional Features:
  • Kit Noise / Performance Ratio Can Be Fine-Tuned By User
  • 12 Volt DC MCP655-B Pump Plugs Directly into PSU
  • Reliable, No-Maintenance Industrial Pump is rated at 50,000 hour MTBF (equal to 5-year lifetime)
  • MCRES-Micro Revision 2 Reservoir Fits Perfectly in any Small System Space
  • Apogee GTZ Water Block Compatible w/ All Current Desktop Processors (including Intel Core i7)
  • MCR-220 Radiator Completely Self-Bleeding in Upright Position
  • SmartCoils 625 Included to Eliminate Tube Kinking for Safe, Reliable Installation
Platform Compatibility:
  • Intel® Core™2, Quad, Duo, Extreme in Socket 775 Form Factor (installed as factory default)
  • Intel® Core™i7 in Socket 1366 Form Factor (w/ included hold-down plate for both Desktop & Server Versions)
  • Intel® Server Xeon™ in Socket 603, 604 and 771 Form Factors
  • AMD® Athlon™, Opteron™, Phenom™, and Turion™ in their Respective Socket Form Factors - 754, 939, F, and AM2