A Guide to Caffeinated Energy Drinks

Author: Curt Riedy

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The Good Stuff | Drink with the Stars
Controversy | Caffeine Tablets
Other Caffeine Products | A Bit of Warning

For all you gamers, programmers, and graphic designers out there, the caffeinated elixir is an absolute essential for your survival. For college students writing that 10-page paper or doing a last-minute cram session for tomorrow’s exam, the energy drink has become a downright necessity. Energy drinks have allowed that extra dose of stimulation we need to make it through the 40-hr work week or those long school nights. Without them, well, we dare not to think of the college drop-out ratio, or even worse, the number of computer analysts with that unflattering keyboard indentation on their foreheads.

Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since the days of illegal caffeine pills and narcotic stimulants. Much to the relief of mothers and law enforcement everywhere, we’ve gone in a more natural direction; choosing Caffeine drinks and related products that are a LOT less harmful to our bodies (just don’t say that to any dentists).

The Good Stuff:

So what exactly is the good stuff, you ask?

If you’re a dedicated gamer that enjoys p’wning online enemies until the wee hours of the ‘morn, the possibilities are endless. In this day and age, we live in a world with everything from caffeinated after-dinner mints to buzz-inducing sunflower seeds. Hell, for those of us who just can’t bring themselves to revive with a morning shower alone, there’s even caffeinated soap.

While the big name in the world of energy drinks still belongs to a certain Rose-Colored Bovine, plenty of competitors have come to the forefront and established superior brand recognition with a series of great caffeinated products. Companies such as Bawls, Arizona, and Jolt (the original hyperactive beverage) have produced plenty of caffeinated juices, teas and sodas (even Root Beer!) that offer a great punch to the system.

Drink with the Stars:

After the energy drink craze began, several celebrities entered into the ring, many of which being rappers and hip-hop artists such as Nelly and Lil’ John who needed that extra boost to get them through night after night of hard partying. In addition to the high-profile celebrities, even several cartoon characters, such as The Simpsons, Family Guy's Stewie Griffin and even Super Mario himself, are currently trying their hand in the energy drink market. Hey, we all had an urge to see what a Duff tastes like, right?


Despite the non-harmful appeal of caffeinated energy drinks, they’ve still seen their share of controversy. Two of the biggest trouble-makers have come from their names alone…the both of which being notorious for associating themselves with a certain powder-based narcotic. Despite having absolutely no affiliation with the illegal drug, both the energy drink Cocaine and the caffeinated drink mix Blow have caused a national stir because of their notorious names. Despite the disapproval of many political groups, these two caffeinated products have continued to thrive due to their undeniable edginess and all-around effectiveness, and have remained a popular energy product amongst their target demographic.

The Stigma of Caffeine Pills:

Even the long-scrutinized “caffeine pill” is slowly evolving into a more natural, less addictive item, thanks to products such as Nano Coffee Energy Tablets. For those of you who prefer to steer clear of the extra calories found in most energy drinks, Nano Coffee Tablets offer an easy solution that’s actually a healthy alternative to liquid-based stimulants. In addition to offering a rich coffee taste, Nano also boasts 100% all-natural vegetarian ingredients, which include as Guarana, Rich Colombian Roasted Coffee Bean, Taurine, B12, Vitamin C, and Green Tea.

Not a Big Drinker?:

Also, let’s not forget the other forms of non-drinkable caffeinated products that are currently available. Looking for an after-dinner jolt to the senses? Then you’re going to want to experience the icy-cool mints and chewing gum available from Bawls, Jolt and Foosh. Are you an unapologetic Chocoholic? Don’t worry, because there’s plenty of snacks designed especially for you, such as Chocolate-Covered Expresso Beans. Oh, and if you prefer to get your energy stuck between your teeth, you’re definitely going to want to try Caffeinated Sunflower Seeds.

A Bit of Warning:

Now, as our discussion on Energy Drinks comes to a close, we must offer a bit of a warning. As the majority of us know, any caffeinated product comes with a certain amount of caution. Yes, as much as we might refuse to believe it, Caffeine is an addictive drug, and should be used in moderation. According to FDA standards, it is recommended that adults consume no more than 300mg of caffeine per day. Like it or not, consuming an excess of both caffeine AND sugar on a daily basis can be very harmful to your body in the long run. Having too much caffeine in your body can result in nervous issues, difficulty sleeping and a significant rise in blood pressure.

Also, keep in mind your sugar intake. This is rather important to note, especially if you plan on keeping your current set of teeth. Oh, and it gets scarier. Worse than anything, your body will build up a tolerance to caffeine in general, rendering the stimulant ineffective, and your caffeine buzz forever gone. That's right, you'll be living in a world without caffeine. Now that's scary.

So just be cautious, OK? The way we look at it is, just as long as you regulate your daily caffeine intake, you won’t become addicted and your body won’t build up a tolerance, allowing you to enjoy countless energy drinks and caffeinated products for years to come. C’mon…you don’t want to become one of those suckers who drinks tea all day, right?